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Founded in 2018. The BFG Global Consulting Limited is a multi management consulting company and solution providing firm commited in offering growth strategies to individuals, businesses and development organizations. We are managed by solution-driven corporate and business experts, civic and marketplace consultants, and development capital catalysts.

BFG Global Consulting is focused on discovering, developing, and deploying problem-solving expertise in research, business intelligence, organizational growth, human capital management, information technology and SME management.

Securing Industry Relevance for Individuals, Business and Organizations.

– BFG Global Consults

What do we do?

At the BFG Global Consulting, we sell problem-solving expertise to individuals, organizations, and businesses through value-laden management resource expertise.


Advancing marketplace value across human networks and business sectors through the discovery, development, and deployment of management resources solutions.


To discover, develop, and deploy growth and development base solutions towards ensuring human, businesses, and organizational proficiency.

Our Services


We provide a broad spectrum of consulting services, from vision to strategy to detailed business and development solutions, from implementation and capacity building to realizing and sustaining growth value.


Research and Development Planning

our research and development planning services cut across sectors of academics and business…


Strategic Management

This is core! We define this service for both individual and corporate. we are fully involved in the formulation and implementation of…


Start-Up Business Solutions

We offer startup s entrepreneurs in business management learning skills. we manage, grow, and upscale startup through our business model…


Brand Communication Solutions

Brand loyalty requires all sorts of international business brand metrics. we discover, develop, and deploy appropriate brand solution systems…


Human Capital and Organizational Growth

human capital is considered as a key element in improving the assets of an organization…


Finance, Risk Management, and Investment Solutions

Put simple, our expertise within this area of specialty helps in choosing the right selection…

Let's Work Together!

we are ready to work with you in any area of our services feel free to get in touch with the BFG Global, we are here for you.

Our Team 

At the BFG Global Consulting, we are managed by solution-driven corporate and business experts, civic and marketplace consultants and development capital catalysts. Our team is grouped into two categories: Board of Administrative Executives (BAE) and Board of Independent Consultants (BIC).

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