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We are a professional based multi management consulting firm focused on discovering, developing, and deploying problem solving expertise. Well managed by solution driven corporate and business experts, civic and marketplace consultants, and development capital catalysts.

Our company is missioned to advance marketplace value across human networks and business sectors through the discovery, development, and deployment of management resource solutions. Offering growth services to individuals, businesses and organization on research, business intelligence, organizational growth strategy, human capital development, information technology and SME management

Our Story

About What We Do & How We Got Here

The BFG Global Consulting is a member subsidiary of The BFG Group. A team of solution driven consultants equipped in offering problem solving expertise to growth actualization for individuals, businesses and development organizations.

We understand that todays businesses are suffering the imminent hazards that provoked the transition of our institutional existence from a simple and mild nature to a complex and radical nature. The BFG Global Consulting was birthed in 2018 on the need to further close this identified transitional gap between marketplace challenges emerging out of radical industrialization and its required solutions.

In a short time we have head lot of risks specifically in the SME & MSE Sector in offering management solutions to our individual and organizational client. What we do differently is that we labor to make them sucessful.

Our consulting community is made up of eight (8) service solutions and our group is manage in two categories; Board of Administrative Executives (BAE) and Board of Independent Consultants (BIC).  Going forward, we work closely with available partners within our scope of sector in providing swift problem solving expertise in a broader spectrum of research, business management, development planning, organizational growth, human capital and information technology. It will be our pleasure to help you in your area of interest as we are committed to establish possibilities towards a fulfilled future.

Our Company Mission & Client Vision



Advancing marketplace value across human networks and business sectors through the discovery, development, and deployment of management resources solutions.


To discover, develop, and deploy growth and development base solutions towards ensuring human, businesses, and organizational proficiency.


Growth: As much as we practice the principle of success, we ensure that transformational growth and development take dominance in every of our engagements.

Professionalism: We deploy professional approaches in all we do; we go beyond the ordinary to give you the extra-ordinary.

Value addition: Adding value is the strong focus of all our dispensations; we go extra-mile to persistently ensure you get the best

Client Satisfaction: This is a core. We are committed on ensuring our client derives satisfaction in our services. We are who our client says we are

Our Footprints

We are built on the quality of  proven deliveries in providing excellent solutions to top businesses and organizations. Our clientele base is growing progressively. To mention a few; 

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Completed Projects

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Meet Our Team

Our company is managed by solution-driven corporate and business experts, civic and marketplace consultants and development capital catalysts. Our team is grouped into two categories: Board of Administrative Executives  and Board of Independent Consultants.

Festus  Bello,  PMIIM

Festus Bello, PMIIM

CEO/Head, Corporate Management and Business Development Affairs



Senior Consultant, Business Information Technology

Satish, Reddy Sunkara

Satish, Reddy Sunkara

Associate, Corporate Trainings, Business Advisory and International Market



Executive Advisor/Trustee



Senior Consultant, Research and Business Finance

Durga, Reddy Mudragada

Durga, Reddy Mudragada

Associate, Business Promotions, Media Accountability and Public Relations Affairs

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