Proffering academic response to industry problem. This product covers systemic investigation into a problem or situation, it identify facts and/or opinions and offers new knowledge.

Research Topics


We’ve completed over 300+ research findings across major areas of academic fields, ranging from Politics and Diplomacy, History, Business, Religion, Information Technology, Health, Economy among others.  Below are some corresponding research studies we have carried out on our portfolio.


An Assessment Of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy Under President Olusegun Obasanjo’s Administration, 1999-2007

​Nigeria-Us Relations, 1999-2019

Third Party Intervention in Conflict Resolution: Case of ICJ Ruling on Nigeria Versus Cameroon over Bakassi Peninsula

Impact of Boko Haram Terrorism on Nigeria-US Relations, 2009-2015

Reciprocity Diplomacy: Analysing the Place of Citizens in Nigeria-South Africa Relations, 1999 to 2015

The interplay of politics and religion in Nigeria fourth republic; A critical assessment, 1999 – 2015

Impact of Foreign Policy Decision Making on Nigeria’s Economic Development, 1960-2015

A Contemporary History of Festivals in Yorubaland: Case Study of Oranmiyan Festival

The Nigerian Civil War: A Historical Analysis, 1967-1970

Civil-Military Relations In Nigeria, 1966-1999

Patterns of Intergroup Relations in Ogun State: A Study of Egba, Ijebu and Remo up to 2012

A Comparative Analysis of President Yar’adua and President Jonathan’s Foreign Policies, 2007-2015

Impact of the Boko Haram Terrorism on National Integration in Nigeria, 2009-2017

History of Human Rights Violation In Nigeria, 1960 to 2014

Effect Of Boko Haram Attacks on Economic Development In The Northeast Nigeria, 2009-2015

A History of the Redeemed Christian Church of God up to 2016

A History of Divorce among Christians in Ijebuland since 1892

Challenges of Democracy and Good Governance In Nigeria in the Fourth Republic

Impact of the Millennium Development Goals On Empowerment of the Girl Child In Nigeria, 2000-2015

Gender Inequality and Women Participation in Nigerian Politics: Analysis of the Fourth Republic

Nigeria and African Union Peacekeeping Missions in Burundi, Sudan and Somalia

Nigeria’s Foreign Policy Under Murtala/Obasanjo And Abubakar Tafawa Balewa: A Comparative Study

Impact Of Globalization On Nigeria’s Foreign Policy

Bilateral Relations Between Nigeria And United States Of America, 1975-1979

Military Rule In Nigeria: An Assessment Of Ibrahim Babangida Administration

Impact Of Domestic Policies On Nigeria’s Shuttle Diplomacy and Economic Development, 1999-2007

Impact Of AGOA On Nigeria-Us Economic Relations, 2000-2015

The Impact Of NEPAD On Nigeria’s Relations With West African Countries, 1999 – 2007

A Comparative Analysis of President Yar’adua and President Jonathan’s Foreign Policies, 2007-2015

Causes and Effects of Child Trafficking in Nigeria

Nigeria’s Foreign Policy under President Goodluck Jonathan

A Contemporary History of Electoral Violence in Rivers and Edo States, 1999-2015

Intergroup Relations in Nigeria: A Study of Yoruba-Hausa in Sagamu up to 2005

Nigerian Peacekeeping Mission Under The Auspices Of The UN Security Council From 1960 To 2010: A Study Of Sierra Leone

Nigeria-Cameroon Relations: A Historical Appraisal


Customer Relationship Management Systems, Security And Data Recovery Mechanisms:  An Assessment Of Cloud Service Providers.
Design and Implementation of an Online Petition Management System
Design and Implementation of an Online Marketing Information Management System
Design and implementation of an online job search engine as a tool for seeking employment in Nigeria.
The Role Of Retail Stores In Job Creation In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Shoprite)
A Case Study Report On Africado Nigeria
Enhancing Sales And Customer Experience; A Case Study Of Fresh Insight Communications Limited
A Case Study Report on The BFG Global Consulting Limited, Nigeria
Accountability and Sustainability Value For Businesses: A Case Study of Pontus Technology Limited

A Case Study Report On Dbegotin Educational Foundation of Nigeria


Underachievement of the boy child in education in selected cities in northern Nigeria

Ethno science and students achievements in basic science and technology in Gwagwalada area council

The impact of women literacy education on the empowerment of women


Underachievement of the boy child in education in selected cities in northern Nigeria

Assessment of malaria parasitaemia among the residents of Abuja municipal area council (AMAC), FCT: a critical appraisal

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