The services of BFG Global Consulting Group through its International Business Partner in India, Dr. Satish Reddy Sunkara sees to refine the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence across industries, including financial services. There will be more noteworthy incorporation of AI/ML models and abilities into numerous business operations and processes to drive improved insights and better serve clients.”

Further, Authenticated AI is very crucial. In 2021, companies will execute facial recognition for solid authentication in a developing range of internal and customer-facing applications. By a similar token, business will progressively neglect to utilize the innovation to surmise personality, gender, race, and other characteristics that may be sensitive from a bias, privacy, and surveillance viewpoint. To the degree that organizations consolidate facial recognition in picture/video auto-tagging, query-by-image, and other such applications, it might be after broad review by legal counsel. The administrative affectability of this innovation and the legitimate dangers will just develop foreseeable future sustainable development.

BFG Global in 2021 is where AI will get embedded into existing devices and make certain operations quicker and more precise as standard. Sensors would now be able to recognize any of the five senses (indeed, including smell) and we will see AI progressively applied to those. Examples incorporate the capacity to identify vibrations or unordinary noises in a plant that ensures maintenance is performed on hardware before malfunctioning. Not as attractive or as clear as a self-driving vehicle, yet pragmatic and with a measurable ROI.”

BFG Global Consulting is a multi-management resource solutions company managed in Nigeria and having its brand presence in India. The company is founded to secure industry relevance for businesses and organizations through up-to-date value driven services in business management, human capital development, research, strategy, and information technology.

By Satish Reddy Sunkara

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