What makes us man isn’t our biological organism but our fundamental ability to make right decisions

This makes us understand why scientist postulated that humans are homo sapien (right thinking man). We make choices in life so as to ensure our safety to good life.

Proponents of social contract are of the view that man willingness to ensure good life is the reason de’tat for the existence of a higher authority. As such, one can really come to say that the snarls and perils that mandate the quest for survival in the state of nature can only be escape only when the willingness of man (good life) is achieve.

The above depictions means that, the existence of a higher authority doesn’t not ensure or really mean that man has escape the obnoxious captivity that existed in the state of nature.

Man is totally free from the fear of state of nature only when good life, which is man total willingness as a socio-political being is achieved. The cyclical theory of development states that society develop in a clock wise shape. It moves from a simple nature to a an extreme complete complex nature and later to a complex simple nature. Applying this to the system of societal development really mean society will grow to its zenith and  for sure will return back to it original form which is the earliest stage of man in the state of nature.

Government exist so as to prevent the re occurring of the state of nature. Yet have read books stating that man in the state of nature were more safer than man under the rise of government.

These are philosophies of the anti government scholars. ‎Their disposition is worthy taking instances of the maladministration of corrupt government. Man has suffered and still suffering the system he has made to protect himself due to the vicious practices of the system in the hands of his inferior. He is being govern by wolfs in sheep skin and he has entrust his contract to the strong to become stronger and strongest, while he lives as prey (Bello Festus: 2017).

Our decisions to life is what differentiate our past from our present. Man problems to make right decisions has being the problem to his society. Leadership decisions encompasses the decision to decide who leads. This is the most sophisticated decision that determines the growth and success of man and his society.

Making right decisions distinguishes the brand of one nation. It’s necessity is imminent to the existence of state. It is the key to survive the perils in a post state of nature society and also the bedrock to foster the reality of good life, which is the superior will of man.

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