For CEO’s, SME’s, StartUps, Emerging Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Young Professionals and Students.


DATE: Thurs 4th – Sat 6th February, 2021

Time: 11am – 2:00pm Daily

One of the greatest mysteries of entrepreneurship are why businesses fail or why startup businesses don’t last for five years. Some people start one successful business after another while others fail to succeed. No one start a business expecting to fail. Starting a business can be fun and full of excitement. For example, there are over 28million small scale businesses in the United States, according to the recent report of U.S Small Business Administration. The sad reality is that only about 50% of them survive. What’s worse is that only about one-third survive 10years or more.

Business sustainability and development is a significant area of discus that should be known to all, especially as an entrepreneur. It is a function of organizing, managing and executing the systems, plans, processes, resources required to grow and sustain a business idea to manifest.

Among every obstacles to a business idea, sustainability has often being the centre challenge. Simply because starting a business is easy but sustaining the business is life hard to many. Having a true passion for the business you are managing or about to start is very important for your success. But passion alone is not enough. You also need core business skills to properly launch your business or organization and survive over the long term. For example you need to understand Business Leadership, Planning, Strategy, Finance, Marketing among others.


The importance of management skill in business can be related with the importance of sight in the body. Managing a business from an idea stage to startup, to an SME and lastly to a conglomerate therefore requires top management trade secrets that can best deliver a measurable business value.

“Emerging Marketplace Leaders Virtual Program” is A-3Day insightful virtual business workshop, designed for CEO’s, SMEs, Start Ups, Emerging Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Young Professionals and Students. A platform to help identify market driven models for businesses and reveal trade secrets to achieve exponential business growth.

This webinar with the Theme: “Business for Sustainable Development” is sheduled for Thursday 4th – Sat 6th February. 10:00am – 2:00pm Daily (W.A.T).

Be a part of this 3-Day insightful webinar at N10,000 (1016060301, BFG Consults, ZENITH BANK) to ascertain change value and growth in your business. Interested?  Kindly hit the Registration Now button.

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